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The Nightclub Japan presents on a world class level is Shibuya WOMB! If you ask "Which club represents the japanese clubs?" the answer would undoubtly be Shibuya WOMB. The club first opened in April, 2000 and has a long history. In 2005 it was confidently chosen 2nd in "mix mag's", "World's Top Club Ranking". Almost every year after that is has placed in the top rankings and in 2014, in DJ MAG'S " World Club Rankings" it was top ranked along side Ageha. At this point in time, these two are the only clubs who has had their name in the ranking. With this top ranking statement, you can feel the appeal of WOMB.

Exhibitions events have been held actively overseas in Spain/Eivissa Island, Britian, Brazil, etc. In 2015 a special stage was set up for WOMB at the Electric Island Festival in Guam. Not only in Japan but WOMB has been representing japan's club scene worldwide.

Furthermore, if you proceed down to the B2 floor you will enter the the main floor SQUARE which mainly plays the latest EDM songs. There is a festival style DJ booth and also a stage area in front where performers and dancers show an impressive performance. Everyone likes to be in this front row since it is the most exciting position.

Of course, these events can be held because the club has appealed to the japanese people. WOMB's greatest appeal is the atrium like main dance floor. The dance floor ceilings is overwhelmingly high. This spacious will certainly be addictive for those who love to dance. The main floor was built with this quality so that customers can dance comfortably. This grand main floor has earned it's great reviews but has further evolved with it's 2016 renewal. With its world class sound system, free moving lights, full color lasers, grand DJ booth, and the LED screen that surrounds it, it makes you feel as if you are at a festival.

With the explanations so far on WOMB you can just image this sound room. Even though the music played is all genres because of the mainly House and Techno events during the weekend, it has more of an image for House and Techno. The type of customers are mainly dancers. More so than showy dancers, they are more here to listen and dance and have fun to the music they like. In the Japan club scene, you can say that there are no other club with customer who really specialize in dancing. Also because of the popularity overseas there are also many foreign travelers. Due to the japanese dance loving clubbers and foreign travelers the floor is always lively.

One of the club that represents that japanese club scene. If you have not had to chance to come to WOMB we definitely recommend stopping by at least once. You can experience what a world class level club is like here!

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