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The five-story giant space: ATOM TOKYO boasts such popularity that it is packed and all three floors are open every day of the week. The main floor plays an “all mix” repertoire every day, but the subfloors vary from day to day, so you can find the music that's right for you. The beautiful décor also varies from floor to floor, and each one feels like its own attraction; like an escape from everyday life. Entering before midnight is cheapest, so both gentlemen and ladies should get a move on early!
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The clientele is generally on the young, outgoing side, and tend to dress somewhat fashionably. The main floor is where the high-tempo party is, but guests tired of dancing will often go to the more relaxed subfloors to listen to music while enjoying a few drinks.
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Energetic, apparel-laden ladies doing group shots of tequila are not an uncommon sight. Neither are groups of ladies dancing, arms raised, in front of the DJ booth. Ladies also visit the subfloors to sit down and enjoy their drinks while giving their legs a rest, so it's a popular spot for gals to party until the wee hours of the morning.

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