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In the adult town of Roppongi, the place where young guys and girls hang out is at JUMANJI55. JUMANJI55 is probably the only club who has a similar group customers for people who would usually go clubbing in Shibuya. After checking I.D. and proceeding up the stairs to the second floor, in the back you can find the DJ booth and bar counter. Even though the club area is small, early during the weekdays JUMANJI55 is usually packed with younger people. A lot women come to JUMANJI55 early because of our cheap drinks and early all you can drink Happy Hour. JUMANJI55 also has a lot of events that aren't for women only like Men's day, Rainy day, etc., which both men and women can enjoy but the main perk is that you are free to come and go into the club as you please. Since you can come and go, you can come to JUMANJI55 first to discuss your club hopping plans. It is nice to have that option to go outside and rest during the crowded peak hours.

Also, what's rare is that JUMANJI is open til 8AM, so you can always come early and return after 5 if you'd like. No matter what time you come, the club is always lively. What also makes it popular is that you can come and go with our sister shop, NEW PLANET TOKYO, which is located on the 1st floor of the building. The great bargain is that you have to pay one entrance fee to be able to enter both clubs. Since most clubs close at 5:00AM it is not unusual to see a line during 05:00AM~06:00 with people who aren't ready to stop clubbing just yet. For those who would like to hop between the two bars, it is best to enter before 04:00AM for a smooth entrance. It can get so crowded that during the those peak hours it is hard to move about but JUMANJI55 where everyone gathers in Roppongi.

Compared to other clubs in Roppongi where office workers go, JUMANJI55 is where mostly college men come. From people who do not have much experience with clubs to foreigners, JUMANJI55 has a wide range of groups who like to party. Our recommendation is to come with a big group. When it gets later, a lot of men come to our club when they feel that they haven't had enough fun. You can still come to JUMANJI55 if you still have energy to party past 04:00AM.

Our customers for women are also mainly young women. Mosty of the women are here to dance instead of being called out to. Most of the time the women who are with men are having fun dancing with each other. The type of women at JUMANJI55 is kind of like the young and outgoing women you can meet at Shibuya but they are more like the women you meet in Roppongi. A lot of the times the women come here first, enjoy the all-you-can drink, then club hop to check out the other clubs but end up returning to JUMANJI55 by the end of the night.

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