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If you want to go clubbing early or if you want to go clubbing after 5 p.m., MIST, formerly known as GREENLAND, in Roppongi is open and is very lively even during the early hours. One of the reason is that from 19:00~23:30 is Happy Hour for both men and women. There is no greater perk than this if you want to hang out and have fun at the club with your friends.
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Underneath our green sign, I.D. will be checked right infront of the stairs that lead to the basement. Once you proceed down the stairs and enter the club, you will see a room filled with our image color, green. Our bar counter and VIP room wrap around the club and there is a high table placed in the middle of the room for anyone to use. Many groups surround the high table to talk and enjoy their drinks.
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During early hours and late hours our customers are mainly foreigners. Many customers are here during travel and so you can experience the atmosphere of being in a different country while in Japan. There are also many local foreigners who live in Japan, for them, MIST has become a local foreigners club. One main point is that even during the weekday after work you can stay and have fun until the last train. We definitely recommend MIST if you want to go clubbing during the weekday but still need to ride the last train.
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The peak crowded hours are of course during midnight but also during 5:00~6:00. These customers come from other clubs who feel they still want to party and have fun. Also, customers you won't see anywhere else, is the staff and DJ that work at other clubs. Many times, after closing their own clubs, they come to MIST to have have fun. If you want to become friendly with DJ's or club staff members then it is a good idea to aim during those times. Also, depending on the days the music can change from Hiphop to Reggae but the music usually played is African-American music. With EDM the main genre in Roppongi Bar MIST is perfect for those who want a different type of music. With its different music and customers Bar MIST will surely give you a new perspective of clubbing.

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