【Closed】Greatest entertainment atmosphere in Sappore!

In the northern city of Sapporo, deep within the Susukino district, a new world is emerging. Built from the same DNA as Roppongi's largest nightclub, V2 TOKYO, December 4th 2015 saw the birth of Susukino's VANITY SAPPORO. Just like in Roppongi, the VANITY SAPPORO private limousine materializes in Sapporo to welcome the biggest and most popular artists. Surreal LED vision. The latest in lighting technology. EDM and other worldwide hit genres. Cream of the crop DJs. National and international special guests. Welcome to a new level in class and style. VANITY SAPPORO has a 700 guest capacity, but boasts draws of 1000 people every weekend, constantly putting it up against safety r...VANITY SAPPORO Nightclub details

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