The Best 10 nightclubs in Tokyo/Roppongi Area!

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Tokyo/Roppongi area nightclubs characteristic

From a long time ago, the Roppongi neighborhood has been an area crowded with clubs. Even though it is a bit of a hassle to get to compared to Shibuya, there are many people who come to Roppongi solely for the clubs. You can divide the Roppongi club areas into three main areas, the Don Quijote area, Nishi-Azabu area, and the Azabu-Juban area. The younger generations mainly go to the Don Quijote area which is closest to the train station, and the Nishi-Azabu area and the Azabu-Juban area has the impression of where the more matured adults go.

During the weekday the Shibuya area may have more customers but the main focus point for Roppongi is that Roppongi has more international artists that come. There is no doubt about it that the Roppongi area has the most invited TOP DJs that have been top ranked on the DJ MAG ranking. Why is this? One of the reasons is that many foreigners come to Roppongi. Many foreigners and tourists think, Tokyo nightlife=Roppongi. Because of this many clubs are expected to have English menus and customer service. And so, to be able to attract more foreign customers, more international DJs are invited than Japanese DJs. And as a result, those who wish to attend popular events like the Ultra Japan Sensation and others events at clubs should come to Roppongi. Sometimes if you are lucky, famous DJs will secretly come to a club where they have played in the past and unexpectedly play that very day. Additionally, a lot of times, some DJs who have never played at the club will visit for business reasons hoping to eventually receive invitations. For these cases, it is hard to receive the information beforehand, so it really depends on your luck, but after the festivals it would be your best be to in the Roppongi area. Not only foreign celebrities but many Japanese celebrities come also. It was also said the Johnny’s members would also come and party here and that is definitely not just a rumor. That is actually true. One of the main reasons that they come is because many Roppongi clubs have separated VIP rooms. Since the rooms are private, they prefer to sit here than to sit at floor seating area where many people can see. You can probably say that the Roppongi area is where you will have the most chance to be able to sit and have drinks with them.

Most of the time clubs open at 22:00. Of course there are some clubs that are open earlier, but the peak times are from 24:00 to 25:00. You are right to expect that right after opening there are only a few customers in most clubs. But, right after opening up until 24:00 most places have services where you can receive free drinks or discounts on entrance fees so if you don’t have any plans, you may want to come earlier.

Type of customers in Tokyo/Roppongi nightclubs

What kind of image does Tokyo/Roppongi hold? Probably an image of an mature town. That image is in no way mistaken. The types of customers are mainly men and women in their early 20s to their early 30s. Especially during the weekends there are a lot of men in suits who have come straight from work. Of course there are men who come in their normal clothes, but their fashion is mainly mature and reserved. Even if it is there normal clothes, their fashion style are simple in that they are usually wearing a jacket and shirt that looks like a suit. Of course it also depends on the club but some places ban half pants in order to reserve their mature image. Even during the summer, we recommend to wear long slacks or jeans. It wouldn’t be good to be restricted from a club because of your attire. More than anything else, there are a lot of wealthy people. The men who come to Roppongi to party are more willing to buy drinks for people.

The women customers also mainly have a pretty and mature office lady image about them. A lot of women have the image of clean and gentle. We recommend Roppongi to girls who are not really into the loud partying atmosphere. Another characteristic of Roppongi is the many limousines. Here there are a lot of women who come from limousine parties. After going to Tokyo Tower they stop off at Roppongi. Dress alike as a group are very gorgeous and are usually wearing a dress they probably don’t usually wear. The dress they don’t usually wear is a very mature and pretty style which isn’t too flashy. If you come clubbing to Roppongi, we recommend a pretty dress up style.

Tokyo/Roppongi advisory points

1.Attire (Especially for men)

Please pay attention to each clubs dress codes. You will probably not allowed to enter if you are wearing jerseys, sweats, sandals, or crocs. Also, even though it is summer you should not wear half pants and also in stricter places no damaged jeans. It is not about that fact that it is not fashionable but just a simply put that those styles of clothes are not allowed so please be aware. It is probably best to dress like a casual wedding after party, semi-formal appearance.


︎As long as you bring your driver’s license, resident card, or passport, you will be able to get into the club. If you do not have any of these you should bring an official identification document that has your picture. This should be an official country document. Please be aware that there are some clubs which allow student I.D.s or insurance cards but most of the popular clubs will not allow entrance.

3.Re-entering is usually not allowed.

︎︎Most clubs do not allow re-entering, as far as the writer knows, JUMANJI55 allows re-entering the clubs as many times as you want. Please be aware that many of the other clubs do not. If you do need to leave but re-enter, it is best to notify the front staff before leaving. Depending on the reason they might let you leave so please be sure to talk to the staff first.

Tokyo/Roppongi’s 10 Club Recommendations

1.alife nishiazabu

Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-alife nishiazabu

Already a legend in Roppongi, this club was renewed and is now open. With largest housing capacity and grand dance floor the inside is really impressive. For the writer, this club is a memorable club and is definitely recommends NishiAzabu alife. Unusual in Roppongi, this club is open from 21:00 and has an early all-you-can-drink service. NishiAzabu alife is built with 3 floors, and on the 1st floor there is a really fancy bar lounge so besides trying to dance early it would probably be nice to stop by here. The 2nd floor has a very luxurious and stylish lounge. On the B1F is Roppongi’s biggest dance floor! If you want to go to a spacious club then NishiAzabu is the best. Since it is located in Nishi-Azabu it is a little way away but even still it is able to attract a crowd for its popularity. Definitely a writer recommendation!

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2.DiA tokyo

Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-Color Tokyo Night Cafe

Newly produced night club opened on December, 2016. Using all three floors of a whole building with setups that any clubber desires, has become a club that you can't miss! Only at DiA Tokyo can you enjoy the high 8 meter ceiling, huge floor, and festival style DJ booth. Also with agreements with Dannic, Resident, and the Japan representative performance group, Burlesque Tokyo dancers, you can experience "The Japanese Nightclub" here! For those who want to enjoy the grand dance floor, or just drink with friends at a fancy place, or enjoy a meal while listening to music, you can enjoy it all here only at DiA Tokyo. There is no reason not to come!

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3.New Lex Tokyo

Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-New Lex Tokyo

This club definitely has the image of Roppongi’s international atmosphere. With its long history, it is well-known that a lot of celebrities and international stars secretly come here. Right after entering you can see the many pictures of celebrities and famous talents displayed on the wall that clearly shows this truth. The customers here are of course Japanese but there are also many foreigners. Because of this, even though it is still 22:00 through 23:00 there are many foreigners dancing. If you are wondering which club you should go to when it is early then we would recommend Lex Tokyo for you. Since women can use a free entrance coupon, you won’t miss out on anything to check Lex Tokyo out. If the atmosphere suits you, it is popular that there are a lot of people who don’t go to any other clubs after coming to Lex Tokyo.

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Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-R TOKYO

Opened in March 2016, R Tokyo is the youngest club in Roppongi. It has gripped many regular customers and even though the location is not that good, it is popular that many cute women come here. The reason for its popularity is that it has unusual comedy live events, it sells ice cream, and also there is a limousine service from the train station to the club, and so many girls who have not been clubbing before usually come to R TOKYO. Also the atmosphere is that of a high class hotel, stylish club, located on the basement floor. A lot of girls who have never been clubbing before come here and become regular customers. With its new style of services it has gathered many women customers and has made a place for itself. Men who like pretty women should check R TOKYO.

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Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-V2 TOKYO

It goes without saying that V2 TOKYO is the number 1 club that people recommend. With the immense ability to attract customers and the many events, this clubs proudly has many repeaters. One of the many secrets to its popularity is the many celebrities that attend. “Famous DJ will be coming”, it is usually here at V2 TOKYO. Some examples are Afrojack,Quintino,Juicy M,Chainsmokeres,Dannic,TJR etc., there are so many to name. And not only DJ but One Direction and Justin Beiber has also attended before. Whenever the writer goes to party they usually be sure to arrive around 24:00. Usually around 0100 there is a long line and it takes a long time to get inside. When your drunk, waiting for 1 hour would bring down your mood. So, try to get here early.

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6.Maharaja Roppongi

Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-Maharaja Roppongi

Once a representation of Japan, Maharaja has re-opened in Roppongi! A legend club during the 1980s, there is a lot of customers with high expectations for Maharaja. The biggest feature is the wide range of customer’s ages and also the many era of music playlists. Of course including the latest hits, Maharaja also plays a lot of older popular songs and so many generations of people can dance here. Also a focus point is the great quality of the customers. Because of the wide age range there are a lot of gentlemen. This club does not have a lot of people here to hit on someone. Of course many people here drink together and have fun but it is always within the range of fun. The club is good for people who do not want to deal with people hitting on them persistently.

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Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-JUMANJI55

For people who are coming from out of town, this club would surely please you! JUMANJI 55 is open from 19:00, and is filled with younger men and women. “Let’s go clubbing in Tokyo!” If you leave at your usual time and get to Roppongi around 19:00-20:00, almost all the clubs are still closed until 22:00. If you don’t know where to go then you can’t go wrong coming to JUMANJI55! Even at 22:00 the club is filled with clubbers, and JUMANJI55 and MIST are probably the only clubs that are already hyped up during the early hours. During the early hours there are all-you-can-drink services so it is a great place to go if you want to get a head start on drinking. Of course the peak hours are around 01:00AM but it’s okay to go earlier. Also a rare thing is that JUMANJI55 allows re-entering so if you want you can come to JUMANJI55 first and then go to other clubs, and then come back later.

JUMANJI55 Details


Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-MIST

One of the biggest international clubs that represents Roppongi! Even though it’s the weekday or the day before a holiday, this long standing club is still full of partying! The same as JUMANJI55, this club is open from 19:00 and on the weekdays many local foreigners come here to have fun after work and stay until the last train. Unlike most places, this club has an all-you-can-drink service, that makes you think “Maybe I’ll stop by MIST for a little while?”. Of course during the weekends, many of MIST’S fans come out to have fun. Also another note, MIST closes at 08:00. Many DJs and club staff members come to MIST after closing their businesses to have fun! If you’d like to try to become friendly with some club staff members then you have to check MIST out!

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Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-APOLLO CLUB TOKYO

If you want to have fun at a fancy little place in Roppongi then definitely stop by APOLLO CLUB TOKYO! This club is loved by many who have been clubbing at Roppongi for many years. Many of Roppongi’s clubs are very crowded, and honestly there are probably some people who get tired, isn’ t there? And so, these hardcore Roppongi clubbers come to APOLLO CLUB TOKYO. Entrance fee is always free for women and there is also a Ladies Seat. The club is always lively but with a different type of customers so it is a type of club where you can relax and enjoy your type of clubbing. If you want to have a mature, elegant, fun night then come here! We would definitely recommend APOLLO CLUB TOKYO for those who would like to experience Roppongi’s underground atmosphere.



Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-IVY

Taking after Feria Tokyo who had immense support from foreigners is now IVY! With the genre as an ALL-MIX, mainly African-American music, it is hard to find this type of club in Roppongi. With Roppongi’s main genre as EDM, IVY has a mainly African-American, Hiphop, music and even though a lot of Japanese people come, IVY also has many foreigners. IVY’s popularity may not be very high but many hardcore clubbers come so it is a big recommendation. Right when you enter, you feel as if you have stepped into a foreign club. If you love African-American music, we definitely would want you to go to IVY!

【Closed】Color Tokyo Night Cafe

Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-Color Tokyo Night Cafe

Roppongi’s pretty women usually gather here. After coming down the keyaki hill, it is located on the opposite side of Asahi TV. Why is the word “café” included into the name? This club also runs a stylish café. What about the word “color”? The inside is decorated beautifully with many colors. The name really reflects the store. Also, this club as a lot of beautiful women. This is a very important part so we said it twice. One of the reasons many women come here is because of the very spacious stage. It is just enough to watch the pretty women dancing while holding light toys. During the weekdays they have a shocking all-you-can-drink service all night. We recommend Color Tokyo Night Café for the women who want to drink a lot. This is only for women only. I would want to be reborn as a woman. We definitely recommend coming to Color Tokyo Night Café for the men who want to meet beautiful women.

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【Closed】Cat’s Tokyo

Tokyo Roppongi recommended nightclubs-Cat’s Tokyo

Who goes to Cat’s Tokyo? What kind of people go? The answer is the clubbers who love to dance! It will make you forget the fact that you are inside a building with our festival LED lights that shine down on the very big DJ booth that many people cannot hide their surprise when they see it for the first time. Walking through the magical-like path at the entrance, you will reach the dance floor filled with people having fun. Not only with Japanese people, but this dance atmosphere is also popular among foreigners, and sometimes Cat’s Tokyo also hold multinational events. For people who love to dance this club would be our number 1 recommendation for Roppongi clubs. When you feel like you just want to dance, please definitely check out Cat’s Tokyo!

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