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New club "HERBIE" opened December 2015 in Hiroshima! Club HERBIE has spurred Hiroshima's club hype with its luxurious and stylish club where adults can relax. With Japan's first 3D LED vision lights in sync with the DJ booth, moving lights that shine the dance floor, and with the immense power of the sound system, HERBIE rises with the same luxury that you find in Tokyo and Osaka. Those are not the only places that stand out but also the gorgeous decorations and details inside the club. You can call HERBIE "the most leading club where adults can have fun" with its original glasses, screen menu displays, many chandeliers, and its VIP style seating. HERBIE is trying to make "clubbing in the VIP room" more common in Hiroshima.

Clubs are for adults, there is no doubt about that. But, here it is not just about that. At the opening event, our power to attract customers brought 2,300 people. With our spacious dance floors and high level DJs, we attract a lot of Hiroshima clubbers. Having a big dance floor doesn't always mean a good thing. If there aren't enough customers then it makes the club look empty but HERBIE is able to make that minus point into a positive because of our ability to gather customers.

Our secret to attracting customers are hidden in our floor set-ups. We have installed a stage in front of the DJ booth where artists can perform and with the same level compared to Tokyo or Osaka, famous Japanese DJs are invited as special guests. The spot in front of the DJ booth is the most lively but in order for our customers to be able to see more of our special guest, even though it is not noticeable, we've built the surrounding area a bit more higher.

And also, to make the ladies happy, we have built a pink theme powder room. Many clubs have joint powder rooms but it is very rare to have one built by itself. Because of this many, many of Hiroshima's women come and make the club into an "mature entertainment" atmosphere. If you ever come to HERBIE, put on your best outfit to have fun!

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