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ORCA NAGOYA has been providing top-class entertainment since February 2015.

Located right in the heart of Nishiki Sanchoume, the club boasts easy access, and is one of the biggest players on the modern club scene.

Posh and refined staff provide top-class service, and their entertainment shows are a rank above the rest, consistently drawing throngs of both young and older generations whether on weekdays or weekends.

Traversing the dark entrance through the gold shimmering approach tunnel, you get a feeling of being in a ghostly sci-fi universe. Each of the three floors evokes a certain imagery: spaceship, evil hideout, and nostalgia. The top floor is a posh VIP salon, where guests seeking a relaxed atmosphere can enjoy themselves.

However, ORCA is more than just looks and service. Familiar faces from the national and international DJ, music, film, and TV scenes will regularly make appearances. It's possible that the club's atmosphere gets more energetic in response to whether or not these extravagant guests are in attendance, than in response to what day of the week it is. Still, make no mistake about it, every single day at ORCA is bound to be an exciting one.

Special offers for ladies are also available, making ORCA your best choice for your first stop of the night, or your first ever clubbing experience. Special Halloween, Christmas, and other seasonal events are also on tap. Enjoy a thrill-filled Nagoya night at ORCA!

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