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Built as the biggest club in the Chugoku and Shigoku area, "Club Leopard" opened in Hiroshima in December 2014 to revolutionize the Hiroshima club scene. Even though the club's history is still short, there is not a clubber in Hiroshima that does not know Club Leopard. Around this area, most of the clubs are closed during the weekday but Club Leopard is open on weekdays except for Tuesday and if you're just looking for a crowded place, you can't go wrong with Club Leopard. Sometimes during the weekend we reach our club capacity limitation. If you would like to come to Club Leopard if is best to arrive early to make sure you don't have to worry about the limitations.
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The secret on why our club attracts a lof of customers is because our state-of-the-art DJ booth and LED lights and also we hold many different amazing events everday. Including famous DJs, we also invite famous guests from many genres to hype up the crowds on the weekends. The music we play in mainly EDM but yet we still play ALL MIX music as well, but we even hel the first ever in Hiroshima anime song event. Not only for the usual clubbers but many types of clubbers can come to Club Leopard our to experience the type of club they like. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Club Leopard has revolutionized Hiroshima's club scene with our many variety of events.
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Also since Club L2, located in the same building, has the same ownership, if you come to Club Leopard and also go to L2 you will receive a discount on your entrance fee. Many of our customers club hop between the two clubs for this reason our clubs have grabbed Hiroshima's clubbers. More information for CLUB L2 is here
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We have a ladies only seating area so that women can relax and have fun and a VIP seating area where men can also spend their time. But the most exciting place is infront of the DJ booth. Most of our customers like to drink and dance. In the middle of all of our dance loving clubbers, we have dancers on the stage, and with the MC's voice the dance floor creates a sense of unity. Please experience the club that created a new club scene in Hiroshima at least once.

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