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No question about it! The #1 most popular in the Kansai area: Giraffe Osaka!
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At the heart of the new club scene in Osaka, Giraffe Osaka's popularity is soaring nationwide. Everyone knows it's the place to be, weekend, weekday, any day! Walk down the Dotonbori riverwalk and you'll spot the Giraffe Osaka signboard.

As you walk up the steps of the three-storey building to the front desk and get your ID checked, you'll notice that each floor is pumping out a different genre of music. The second and third floors in particular are packed with dancers, young and old. The second floor was recently renovated at the end of 2015, and features a brand new high class interior. Guests who have not yet done so should go see it for themselves!
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Worthy of special mention is the fact that the party here gets underway early! The club opens at 8pm and tends to fill up by 11:30, so getting there before the crowds to shake your boots is recommended. Giraffe Osaka is the first and best place to party in the city!

The 3rd floor is a luxurious VIP-only area where members can enjoy relaxing music and drinks. Every seat is a sofa, and the atmosphere is like that of a five-star hotel's lounge.
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Giraffe Osaka has an internationally acclaimed name, and is appropriately equipped with English-speaking staff and wi-fi for their many traveling and foreign customers. Nightlife in Osaka-Giraffe Osaka Nightclub(4)

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